Experience across the international music scenes with practical application, has given me intrinsic focus and intuitive understanding of contemporary music aesthetics and trends. Possessing the willingness to confront, challenge & meld current practices and trends in what contemporary music can be; striving in forward momentum, underscored by sturdy technique, aiming high, toward defined goals; Together. Developing toward defined goals.

Creating new musics, in new places: working together

Communicative & responsive, with ability to devise initial planning and goals; to grow developments over time, adapting successful repertoire in response to cultural shifts.

Providing support to help achieve artistic and other goals; holding these aims in mind, so you can lean in more to what makes you tick. The music.

Personal touch & distinctive viewpoint borne out of experience in electronic and instrumental contemporary terrain.

I’m seeking new opportunities to advocate and be involved in production work on behalf of ensembles and performers, those wishing to transfer their creative practice & journeys to new terrains. Let’s meet for coffee !


Concert curation (Sweden/fylkingen ’10, Norway/riksscenen ’12, Scotland/SOUNDfestival ’14, North of England/HCMF ’13)

Project management of prize-winning toy range, for multi-national Mamas&Papas ’05-’11. UK’s Sound & Music Jury ’11&’19 & Scottish New Music Awards Jury ’17

Conference, symposia selection & management Beyond Pythagoras Symposium, 2014; ICMC 2011