Forthcoming Lecturis, Eindhoven May 2019

This, Louis Andriessen’s 80 birthday year brings to a close a long developing journey, a volume of writing about his music, which as an idea began to germinate in the Summer of 2015.

Written in overwhelming collaboration with former students, colleagues, collaborators and friends drawn from The Netherlands, US and UK appraising his music, with a rich visual survey of his career interwoven alongside in the form of musical scores, programme books, personal letters and photographs. Joost Grootens will provide bespoke design to frame this statement book on the musical work of Dutch composer Louis Andriessen.

Support provided by Jaap Harten Fonds  / Fonds21  /  Paul Sacher Stiftung / Boosey&Hawkes 

Lecturis brochure voorjaar 2019_Andriessen.jpg